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Xangati Product Demo at Citrix Synergy 2016

VDI Module Intro

The Xangati Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Suite provides the industry’s first solution to comprehensively track end-to-end all key infrastructure components that affect VDI end-user experience.

Xangati Video Customer Testimonial - Calligo

"Xangati has played a major role in the dramatic improvements Calligo has seen in customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition," said Julian Box, CEO and co-founder of Calligo. "Since implementing Xangati's intelligent, application-aware solution, Calligo has achieved a near zero-percent customer churn rate and has increased its cloud services customer…

Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Diagnose Problems in Your XenApp Environment

Having problems with your XenApp deployment? Don't miss this webinar! We will provide the top 10 tips, gleaned from some of the largest XenApp deployments worldwide, to help you get to the bottom of your most difficult infrastructure issues. This will help you slash the time and effort required to…

Introduction to Xangati for VI

Check out how Xangati can help you manage the performance of your virtual infrastructure, analyze root cause & predict future contention storms, make better and smarter IT purchase decisions!

Xangati’s Citrix Ready Partner Demo

Xangati offers unsurpassed performance management for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. Xangati products are Citrix Ready, which means they are verified, trusted, and enterprise-enabled. For more information, look for Xangati on the Citrix Ready Marketplace

Service Assurance Analytics - Hybrid-Cloud & Virtualized Infrastructure

Xangati delivers service assurance analytics that enable you to prevent, resolve and monitor contention issues across silos, in real time, with deeper insights for optimizing the end-user quality of experience.

Executive VDI Demo

A quick tour through the Xangati Executive VDI Dashboard gives at-a-glance insights into the performance, availability, capacity, efficiency and user experience of the virtualized desktops and virtual applications within the datacenter and all the way out to the BYO mobile devices.

Real-Time Dashboards Demo

See how effective Xangati is at identifying a datastore resource contention issue in a virtualized infrastructure using powerful recordings that contain second-by-second metrics collected from the end-to-end infrastructure and Xangati’s advanced real-time analytics and dashboards to rebalance workloads for optimum ROI of your virtual infrastructure investments.

Storm Tracker Demo

See how effective Xangati is at automatically identifying a datastore resource contention storm using the advanced Storm Tracker tool which determines the root cause of the storm; gives valuable insight about the recurrence, severity and trend of the storm; predicts future storms; and gives the exact steps IT personnel should…

Resolve User Issue Demo

See how Xangati uses it knowledge of Users, the applications and virtual desktops they run and its powerful recordings and dashboards to quickly resolve a performance issue being reported by a virtual desktop user who is traveling and is experiencing unacceptable delays when accessing their virtual desktop from their BYO…

Xangati Product Overview

This presentation describes the use cases for Xangati, its key features and the benefits it provides to IT departments that want to get the most from the investments they have made in their virtual infrastructure while ensuring that SLAs are met for virtual servers and that end users of virtual…

Xangati Video Interview at VMworld 2015

Thanks to VMblog for the exciting video interview at VMworld 2015 this year - we were able to make their must see list! Our dashboards deliver service assurance analytics that enable you to see, resolve and prevent live storm contention issues across silos, with deep data intelligence that helps optimize…

Citrix XenServer Master Class: September 2015

Citrix webinar with Don Chouinard of Xangati as a guest speaker. In this session, you will learn: - About the XenServer technical preview scalability, performance and the features we are asking for your feedback on.

VI Module Intro

Improve the performance assurance of your workloads in your virtualized environment. Optimize your current cloud/virtual environments through great understanding of the interactions between servers, network, storage and applications.

MyDashboard Overview

Single, Custom View of Related Objects. The Xangati MyDashboard provides the ability to customize the information into a single compact dashboard for a single application, datacenter, cost-center, department, customer or any way that you see fit.

Executive Dashboard Overview

View of performance, availability, and weighted capacity. The Xangati Executive Dashboard provides an executive level view of VDI and VI deployments with its own recordings and reporting.

Service Assurance Analytics - Hybrid-Cloud and Virtualized Infrastructure

Virtualization & Cloud Infrastructure

Over 400 customers among enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational systems and cloud providers use Xangati’s solutions to provide the intelligent performance management of workloads running in your VI and VDI environments.

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