5 Undeniable Advantages That a Network Monitoring Tool Will Bring to Your Business

Date Posted: May 9, 2016

Organizations are getting onboard with the right cloud technologies for reducing operational expenses and maximizing employee productivity. However, the cloud comes with its own challenges that can, at times adversely impact the efficiency of the ever expanding IT infrastructure. Even the fastest and the most efficient cloud-based systems are subject to random downtimes and performance degradation that have a tremendous impact on the quality of the end-user experience in the workspace cloud. To facilitate smoother operations of complex IT architectures, companies need a comprehensive network monitoring solution that ensures that everything stays in balance with optimal functionality. A network monitoring solution not only saves time and resources, but also reduces data center overhead and ensures network availability at all times.

Let us look at 5 major benefits that a network performance monitoring tool has to offer:

1.Optimized Performance

As IT infrastructures become widely dispersed, fulfilling SLA requirements becomes a challenge. The constantly growing need to support more and more operations is making it mandatory to employ network management software that can proactively analyze performance issues in real-time. Xanagati’s performance analytics software allows for live and continuous monitoring of key infrastructure components like networking, by parsing the conversations between protocol flows without the need for agents, to instantly identify performance issues and deliver a flawless end-user experience.

2.Heightened Security Standards

Cloud computing is an incredible solution for improving customer satisfaction but addressing persistent security threats every day can be extremely time-consuming for an IT team without a data correlation tool that connects all of the dots. It is crucial that the IT staff constantly updates security patches and maintains standardized security settings on all the individual workloads, which can be a little more difficult than it sounds. Having your data at the endpoint in a growing VDI market is a hurdle for your business, but Xangati’s VDI suite tackles this problem by also integrating an anomaly index that is accretive to the rest of your security intelligence for recognizing and self-learning patterns that imply risk for DDoS attacks, as an example.

3.Improved Asset Utilization

The increasing number of wireless devices is making it difficult to handle IP-enabled endpoints in a BYOD environment. This makes it imperative for IT administrators to keep constant tabs on what is connecting to their infrastructure and also check if the existing framework is fully equipped to handle the fluctuations caused by multiple mobile devices. A good network monitoring tool provides a comprehensive inventory of wired and wireless devices for analyzing long-term trends and facilitating optimum use of available assets while lowering expenses.

4.Successful Implementation of New Technologies

A good network performance monitoring tool makes it easy to identify, troubleshoot and resolve problems before they affect critical business processes. It facilitates timely planning of vital maintenance windows and bandwidth allocation for improved quality of service. New technologies can deliver incredible services when you are able to monitor and manage the IT environment without any disruption. Xangati’s VDI software-dashboard module proactively mitigates all the risks that can trigger major problems in performance.

5.‘Borderless’ Access Of Virtualized Workstations

Once you implement a VDI monitoring solution, your IT staff can work more effectively from any location – home, office, vacation, moving vehicle, or wherever they feel like, through their laptops, tablets or smartphones. Since virtual workstations are completely isolated from the devices’ hard drives, they can safely use their personal devices to access sensitive information, without putting it at risk.

While conventional VDI is undoubtedly a rewarding investment, it is not without potential challenges:

  • Your end-users need a constant connection to the network whether it is through a wide network area or LAN.
  • Agents need to be installed on servers which eventually saps performance
  • Recurrence patterns of contention issues are difficult to decipher in real time
  • Troubleshooting time can take hours which makes it difficult to meet customer expectations for performance.

If you have implemented a VDI solution or even in the planning stages, make the most of it with Xangati. Xangati’s VDI software solution is designed to help deliver a superior and seamless end-user experience. Xangati understands the unique challenges of cloud data centers and makes it easy to tackle virtual desktop pitfalls in the following ways:

  • Live and recorded MONITORING eliminates the need for agents and provides second-by-second visibility to overcome impending capacity saturation.
  • It ANALYZES virtual application performance issues and contention storms even before they impact line-of-business managers
  • Xangati’s assisted remediation and root cause correlation facilitate complete CONTROL over IT infrastructures.
  • Xangati’s VDI software solution takes the troubleshooting time from hours to minutes.

Xangati will look deep into your existing virtual infrastructure and enable a management structure that minimizes risky and labor-intensive manual processes, and empowers you to overcome every VDI challenge for maximum return on your investment.

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