5 Ways to Ensure Consistent Performance and Security in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Date Posted: September 22, 2016

Are you completely aware of the challenges of moving to hybrid-cloud? Is your virtualized hybrid-cloud infrastructure fully-equipped to withstand intermittent explosions in network usage? Achieving optimal performance in hybrid-cloud while providing insights and intelligence to spot potential cyber security risks can be very difficult unless you have a monitoring tool that can identify anomalous activity and abnormal usage patterns in real-time. Adhering to the following 5 practices can help cloud operators avoid system performance dips and network latency post deployment:

    1. Employ a Network Monitoring Solution

    In order to efficiently manage a hybrid-cloud environment, enterprises need to employ a monitoring tool that combines data intelligence with predictive analytics to offer 360-degree visibility into potential performance issues. A monitoring tool that is designed to analyze all the alarms and anomalous patterns over time can keep your IT teams on top of app health visibility and connectivity at all times. A network monitoring solution ensures second-by-second monitoring of firewalls, routers, network traffic, servers, virtual machines and VPN sessions empowering the IT team to identify performance issues in real-time and reduce the troubleshooting time from hours to minutes.

    2. Collect Network Traffic Information

    Network flow records allow the IT team to determine which end-users or virtual apps are consuming maximum bandwidth. Precise information about sender and receiver domains, applications and protocols, interface traffic, bandwidth usage and conversations is crucial for obtaining accurate insights into network performance. The system administrators need to track network traffic and load conditions to maintain a seamless end-user experience and make informed decisions regarding capacity planning. Real-time insights are helpful in identifying impending downtime and availability issues by facilitating timely corrective action.

    3. Automate Behavioral Interactions

    IT teams can effectively identify and alert anomalous activity by automating the compilation, storage and recovery of behavioral interactions. Behavioral interaction collection should ideally include interactions among applications, servers, security systems and intrusion prevention frameworks. A network monitoring tool can track, alert and report every single event in real-time to prevent potential threats. It empowers your IT team to proactively detect problems and recurrence patterns immediately so that resource contention issues can be averted. With a network monitoring solution, you can rely on accurate historical trend line management reports for executive level audit and compliance due diligence.

    4. Ensure SLO Enforcement

    A thorough understanding of your cloud service provider’s service level objectives (SLO) enables you to monitor the performance of your computing resources when virtual workloads fluctuate. The performance levels that seem adequate today may not suffice tomorrow and hence in order to maintain a positive end-user experience, you need a proactive performance monitoring solution. This tool enables cloud system administrators to track performance across silos and make informed decisions about resource allocation. A monitoring tool can also predict downtimes and resource contention storms before they disrupt business processes.

    5. Run Network Penetration Tests Periodically

    Hackers often use network blind spots to access mission-critical business data, so naturally IT security teams are required to run penetration tests periodically. These network penetration tests provide valuable insights into:

    • The magnitude of operational impacts triggered by attackers
    • Capacity saturation
    • Vulnerabilities that are missed out by security scans
    • Adherence to regulatory compliances
    • Ability to identify and prevent agile attackers

    The advantages of hybrid-cloud in terms of savings, scalability and availability are undeniable but the security risks that accompany cloud computing can also expose unintended consequences in the absence of a monitoring solution.

The Shift from a “Must-Do” Reactive Approach to Proactive Performance Monitoring

Any enterprise can realize the benefits of a virtualized hybrid-cloud infrastructure while ensuring optimal performance and security insights with Xangati. Xangati’s fully-rounded visibility into risk patterns and advanced analytics that generate root cause alarms in real-time allow your IT personnel to rebalance workloads and optimize performance. Agentless scanning enables system admins to identify degradation issues before they affect business processes while offering improved control over cloud computing. With Xangati’s service assurance analytics and management control platform, enterprises can mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency for a competitive advantage.

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