And the winner of the Xangati $5000 Contest is…

Date Posted: September 30, 2010

Steve Rodgers, Marketing Communications Manager, Xangati

Imagine going through your normal work day routine and receiving a phone call stating “You’ve just won the $5000!” Well, that is exactly what happened to Shawn Cannon, Senior Systems and Network Administrator for Gladiator Technology Group and the grand prize winner of the Xangati $5000 Contest.

All Shawn had to do was download and install our free Xangati for ESX product, make a Xangati recording and submit it to enter the contest. And then wait.

On the first attempt to reach Shawn late in his work day, Xangati’s president and CEO, Alan Robin (@alanlrobin) called to personally congratulate him on winning the grand prize, but reached his voice mail instead. “Please call me back as I have some very good news to share with you,” was part of Alan’s message. Well, it didn’t take long for Shawn to call and hear from Alan that he just won $5000.

“I’m totally shocked,” said Shawn, who doesn’t consider himself lucky when entering contests and figured he had a very small chance of winning the grand prize. But, by the screams from his wife in the background, the shock was quickly replaced with excitement.

So, how does Shawn plan to use $5000? First, he plans to make a donation to his church. Second, buy a new set of tires for his car. And third, pay off some family medical bills. Shawn stated, “Winning this contest is truly a blessing.”

Congrats Shawn and happy spending!

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