People Make the Party

Date Posted: February 16, 2012

By David Messina, VP Marketing and Product Management, Xangati

Being held February 23-24, Virtualization Field Day #2 is a virtualization-focused event that is part of Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day, an IT forum that connects industry influencers with local technology providers. The series provides a unique opportunity for product vendors to meet in-person with key virtualization and IT players to discuss and demonstrate their technologies in a more informal and engaging setting.

Stephen Foskett, the creator of Tech Field Day, has once again put together a stellar program, and Xangati is very excited about joining this event for the second year in a row. We also welcome Steve’s colleague, Matt Simmons, to the fray and are looking forward to being a part of his first run at being Master of Ceremonies!

Here’s my take on why the Gestalt IT crew has been so successful with these events:

The People

People make the party. There’s nothing worse than going to a party where you don’t know a soul and you have absolutely nothing in common with the other guests. That is never the case at Virtualization Field Day.

Steve has compiled a fantastic guest list with 13 outstanding virtualization delegates and six presenters, including yours truly, Xangati. All of the delegates and presenters share a common – and over-the-top – interest in the technology – and everyone has an opinion! Some of us already know each other, and others don’t – making a perfect party mix of characters.

Bill Hill, Virtual Bill, returns from last year’s event (who by the way thinks Xangati is a great addition to any virtual admin’s utility belt!) and we’re also joined by international newcomers David Owen, VMackem, from across the pond in the UK and Xangati customer Dwayne Lessner, IT Blood Pressure from Canada. A little cross-culture-virtualization always spices things up!

Some delegates have experienced Tech Field Day in the past and have returned for another adventure, such as Chris Wahl, Wahl Network; Mike Laverick, (joining us also from the UK) RTFM Education; Robert Novak, RSTS11; and Edward Haletky, The Virtualization Practice.
Xangati looks forward to hooking up with a few old friends, such as Xangati customer Roger Lund, vRoger and vBrainstorm, and making acquaintances with some new ones, including Rodney Haywood, Musings of Rodos; Scott Lowe, Tech Republic and Virtualization Admin; Brandon Riley, Virtual Insanity; Todd Scalzott, Don’t Call Me Scott; and Rick Schlander, Virtualization with VMware Technology.

Virtualization Field Day brings together some of the premier thought leaders in the industry and allows us to put faces to these familiar and highly recognized names.

Being in the Moment

Another key to any successful party is being present in the moment itself. It’s here. It’s now. People are connected and engaged – and speaking their minds freely. Virtualization Field Day does it all. Delegates explore the technology at a much deeper level with the presenters; dialogues are encouraged, and a little dissention just adds to the party!

In true bloggersphere and twittersphere style, the delegates are also continuously engaging each other and their followers via social media throughout the entire event. The tweets are flying back and forth, and – with live streaming – even those who can’t attend in person feel as if they’re right there with us.

Just as the bloggers and influencers attending Virtualization Field Day leverage live engagement to their advantage, access to real-time data in a virtualized infrastructure gives the power to keep things moving with a “live” picture of everything that’s going on. With things fluctuating on a second-by-second basis, a real-time view always gives insight that’s impossible to beat.

The Unexpected

You never know where Tech Field Day will take you – and that’s part of the fun! Whether it’s an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of bacon and chocolate-covered espresso beans or an interactive exercise, the unexpected simply adds to the experience and connects the participants in a new way. We look forward to showing you all what’s next up our sleeve!

A lot has transpired in the industry over the past 12 months. Xangati is ready and looking forward to sharing critical technology advancements, as well as discussing what we’re seeing with customers around the world. Now – more than ever before – organizations are migrating mission-critical applications. And, for the first time, people are beginning to fully understand everything that’s needed to ensure the success of these initiatives.

Virtualization Field Day gives us an opportunity to review, analyze and debate significant industry and technology developments – and have some fun – with like-minded virtualization folk. Thanks again to Stephen and Gestalt IT for bringing the ingredients together for another great event!

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