Performance Monitoring and Management in XenDesktop Environments

Date Posted: February 12, 2016

Citrix: Empowering the Mobile Workspace 

Citrix has always remained a popular and preferred application virtualization vendor owing to its ability to deliver advanced applications to a vast multitude of high-tech devices from desktops to smartphones. However, Citrix also offers VDI deployment services. XenDesktop is securing enterprise mobility with a centralized management system that allows easy access to data from any device across the globe.

With the growing popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) businesses are now working across a myriad of IT platforms with complete flexibility. XenMobile has made it possible for the IT sector to manage data more efficiently and effectively on any device, be it personal or corporate-owned. Citrix has transformed the business mobility landscape with XenDesktop and XenApp that offer greater agility, secure remote access, and complete flexibility at a reduced cost.

VDI: A Seamless Computing Model with Superior Data Security

Virtual desktop infrastructure provides complete end-user satisfaction by allowing speedy deployment and offering easy access to virtual machines on demand. It delivers a high-performance desktop experience irrespective of network availability. VDI minimizes downtime, mitigates the risk of user productivity interruption and migrates in half the time. With a VDI, data is centrally managed and remains secure. Upgrades are made easier and rolling out new systems is speedy and efficient.

However, enterprises do need a monitoring tool for identifying bottlenecks in real time. While there are several virtual server monitoring solutions in the market, it is important to identify a comprehensive suite that is uniquely designed for VDI environments. Xangati is an intelligently designed monitoring framework that determines the root cause of contention storms to facilitate proactive planning and timely troubleshooting.

Citrix – A Major Player in the VDI Market  

When it comes to licensing VDI desktop technology, Citrix enjoys a major market share. The benefits of Citrix advanced VDI offerings are:

Security: Since all the data is stored at a centralized offsite location, it remains secure.

Speedy Deployment: Enterprises can easily clone existing machines and deploy new systems in a single, centrally managed storehouse, but certain VDI performance issues like boot storms are universal. Xangati is an efficient performance monitoring tool that provides second by second visibility and problem prediction into your VDI deployment. It delivers a comprehensive picture of complex IT infrastructures and makes an ideal solution for large-scale environments.

VDI Solutions by Citrix

Citrix VDI solutions include XenDesktop, which is geared toward large IT networks, and available in four different variants:

XenDesktop Express: An ideal solution for up to 10 users and it includes all the basic features like Desktop Studio, Citrix Receiver and Machine Creation Services.

XenDesktop VDI: Designed to meet the demands of high-latency networks, it comes with an easy-to-use interface and supports BYOD while protecting sensitive business information.

XenDesktop Platinum: This advanced version includes all the features available in other versions apart from an enhanced feature called XenApp Platinum with a few other useful features.

XenDesktop Enterprise: The biggest benefit of this feature-rich technology is its ability to fold into XenDesktop permanently. It virtualizes applications in tandem with a desktop for reduced storage footprint.

Xangati: Adding Value to Enterprise Mobility Worldwide

VDI is a proven strategy for optimizing performance and delivering an unmatched user experience, but to leverage application virtualization that is spread across multiple servers, your IT strategy needs to look beyond the needs of your users. Xangati is a leading service assurance analytics innovator for virtual infrastructures and offers a comprehensive suite of VDI monitoring technology. It does everything from real-time efficiency tracking and determining the root cause of contention storms to performance analytics and remediation.

Xangati makes it easy for enterprises to run multiple applications in software-defined data centers with 360-degree visibility. Xangati has collaborated with Citrix to deliver flawless performance monitoring and management in XenDesktop environments. It offers live insights into core technology platforms to ensure the highest possible performance while optimizing end-user experience. Keep your virtualization initiatives up and running, round the clock with Xangati’s accurate latency insights. To learn more about Xangati, visit our website at

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