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“Instead of a red, green or yellow light, Xangati allows you to pinpoint and drill down to [VMs] in real-time. With Xangati you can see what applications are consuming the bandwidth, and more importantly, how they’re behaving.”

Paul Holt, Director of Network Services, MemorialCare Medical Center

“Xangati is a powerful solution that now lets me see not only virtual-to-physical communications but virtual-to-virtual communications as well – eliminating critical ‘blind spots’ in this growing world of virtual infrastructures. The ability to have visibility into communication within the ESX host truly covers all bases and offers the most complete solution I’ve been able to find on the market today.”

Davin Garcia, IT Manager, Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.

“Many of our customers, including Produce World and Dickson Minto, are choosing to transform their infrastructures using virtualization technologies, in order to reduce IT costs and improve business agility,” said Andy Eccles, Chief Technology Officer, Kelway. “We provide them with the solutions and services that make this transformation possible. Xangati is the only performance management solution that provides a complete picture of the infrastructure, giving a real-time view into the physical and virtual components. Customers can accurately track all of the moving parts for the first time and benefit from absolute transparency of resource usage and performance analysis from within the virtualization platform. By partnering with Xangati, we help our customers succeed by giving them the ability to move forward with their virtualization and transformation plans.”

Andy Eccles, Chief Technology Officer, Kelway

“In order to keep our schools’ virtual computers running while school is in session, we must be able to quickly and accurately identify performance problems – ideally before they occur,” said Stephen Kwiatek, network administrator for MERSD. “Having a Health Index that alerts us to potential issues takes a huge load off of our shoulders by giving us an automated way to monitor the VDI infrastructure. This is a tremendous advantage in providing our staff and students with the highest quality of computing and the success of our VDI initiative. The Xangati VDI Dashboard is absolutely unique as a real-time window into our virtual world.”

Stephen Kwiatek, network administrator for MERSD

“It is important to have a clear view of devices, applications and interfaces across the whole [infrastructure] in order to facilitate efficient operation[s],” said Gary Phillips, Communications Manager for Travis Perkins plc. “Xangati provides that visibility, along with a comfort factor for the network support team. Knowing they now have a tool that is providing them with a recorded rollback capability and long term reporting—is giving the network support team more visibility than they had before.”

Gary Phillips, Communications Manager for Travis Perkins plc

“The continuous DVR recording gives us incredible knowledge into the infrastructure, so that we can quickly identify and resolve problems,” said Scott Forrest, Director of Networks and Infrastructure, Guess, Inc. “Xangati’s DVR recording allowed us to trace a CPU spiking to an inefficiently-coded ‘all hands’ video that was being watched by a large number of users. Not only did the DVR recording catch the problem, but a copy of the recording was also immediately sent to our video production team who immediately corrected it.”

Scott Forrest, Director of Networks and Infrastructure, Guess, Inc.

“Xangati allows you to look within the VI or VDI environment – allowing you to view interactions occurring across the infrastructure,” said Roger Lund, vExpert. “Xangati enables administrators to quickly and easily see and assess how different parts of the infrastructure impact the other. Currently, in my opinion, no one does this as well as Xangati. Now, with this new release, they’ve added even more value, by increasing storage insights, going deep inside the guest VM, and providing a live and continuous view into PCoIP. To me, Xangati has great value for any VI admin.”

Roger Lund, vExpert

“Xangati already allows us to solve problems faster than any other solution we’ve tried,” said Endre Walls, Chief Technology Officer at Resources for Human Development (RHD), a national nonprofit organization. “After seeing its new storage functionality, we’re excited about the even deeper insights it will bring into our infrastructure. This new release goes further in eliminating all blind spots and allows us to immediately capture – and record – any significant storage fluctuations that are impacting performance. Most importantly for us, we were able to find a solution that was more flexible, feature-rich, and cost-effective than the competition. We have found a partner who provides continual support and advice and is there when we need them.”

Endre Walls, Chief Technology Officer at Resources for Human Development (RHD)

“For the first time – with Xangati’s VI Dashboard – we were able to see everything that was happening within the infrastructure – down to the storage level,” said Julian Rawlinson, head of Information Services and Systems (ISS) at Dickson Minto. “We were able to see the interactions of all four servers running our document management system. This insight brings us incredible peace of mind in terms of ensuring performance and gives us the ability to quickly and easily troubleshoot any problems – ensuring that our lawyers have access to the system whenever they need it.”

Julian Rawlinson, head of Information Services and Systems (ISS) at Dickson Minto

“Xangati allows us to see everything at once – pointing out potential problems – and guides us to be much more proactive in managing our infrastructure,” said Simon Callow, Head of IT, Produce World. “Seeing all the physical and virtual components in one dashboard gives us tremendous faith in the data. We looked at other solutions, but all required significant training before seeing any benefits. Xangati was incredibly easy to get running, giving us value from the very start.”

Simon Callow, Head of IT, Produce World

The fact that we don’t have to add guest software agents to the Xangati VDI solution is huge for us,” said Jason Morris, IT Services Manager at Concord National – Prairie Division. “It allows us to easily scale VDI management as needed, so we can actually see what’s happening across multiple systems – giving us the ability to meet the management needs of any number of desktops being added to our infrastructure. Now, by completing the picture with the addition of storage insights, Xangati hits a real home run.”

Jason Morris, IT Services Manager at Concord National, Prairie Division

“Xangati is great, within days of installation it had paid for itself. Xangati showed us that we had an intermittent storage latency problem that we did not know about. As an SMB we previously had only remedial abilities to monitor our network infrastructure. Not only did our Xangati representative point out the original storage latency problem, he called us later with a solution for the problem, which was caused by a bug in the VMware 4.1 code. Using the Xangati dashboard to easily monitor our virtual environment, our storage and our network traffic, the IT department now depends on Xangati to provide the real time monitoring that we need.”

Thomas Ide, Network Administrator, Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center

“Xangati gives you performance metrics on absolutely anything you would need to know about your virtual environment.”

Kevin Richards, PC Systems Analyst at Athabasca

“Support is one area where Xangati really shines. ”

Dan Novak, IT Manager at Euclid Insurance

“Man, Xangati really came through in a WebEx session today. Great tool, great people = Win.”

Tweeted by @h0bbel

“A wealth of information available in the Xangati dashboard.”

Tweeted by @tscalzott

“The Xangati monitor can display PCoIP stats (latency, birate, packet loss) in real time/recordings. That’s hot.”

Tweeted by @chriswahl

“Target’s partnership with Xangati has enabled our business to efficiently support a medium to large-scale VMware  deployment, giving us the ability to better manage our infrastructure by displaying all dynamic interactions between critical virtualized resources on one central dashboard,” said Paul Watmough, Delivery Centre Manager, Technology Services, Target Australia. “The Xangati solution has an ongoing role in managing the virtual infrastructure at Target Australia. The service is used to assist with investigation and capacity management activities. The ability to graphically see our business’ ESX environment allows prompt issue resolution. Xangati enables us to manage our infrastructure with its holistic approach to ESX monitoring.”

Paul Watmough, Delivery Centre Manager, Technology Services, Target Australia.

“Moving to a cloud model changes everything in terms of management,” said Todd Scalzott, Director of Information Technology at Kastle Systems, a provider of innovative security systems. “Other management solutions we looked at simply couldn’t deliver for the cloud’s dynamic and shared infrastructure. With the XMD, our team was able to jump right in and start solving problems right away. Supporting our software developers is critical to our business productivity, and the XMD gives us all the right tools so we can.”

Todd Scalzott, Director of Information Technology at Kastle Systems, a provider of innovative security systems.

“Just had a demo from Xangati, phenomenal product for monitoring virtual environments especially VDI. Remember that name…it’s gonna be big.”

Tweeted by @it_weasel

“Our environment is highly dynamic – with students logging in and out from all over campus – making it incredibly challenging to track end-user activity,” said Ron Lee, Senior Systems Engineer at Oral Roberts University, which is using the Xangati VDI Dashboard to support its entire student body of more than 3,200 undergraduate and graduate students. “With Xangati, we can accurately track and profile VDI end-user activity from a single console – a capability that we anticipate rolling out to our entire team to ensure and maximize performance for our students. Plus, with the XMD’s agentless model, we can effortlessly scale management as our environment grows.”

Ron Lee, Senior Systems Engineer at Oral Roberts University

“Xangati has played a major role in the dramatic improvements Calligo has seen in customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition,” said Julian Box, CEO and co-founder of Calligo. “Since implementing Xangati’s intelligent, application-aware solution, Calligo has achieved a near zero-percent customer churn rate and has increased its cloud services customer base by over 200 percent, with expectations to grow to near 300 percent by the end of 2014.”

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