Better outcomes require superior operations

Anticipate Accountability

With public per-pupil revenues steadily falling year-over-year and pressure mounting on private institutions to justify rising costs, no educational organization can afford IT inefficiency. They must continually do more with less by using better tools.

Virtualization is the Key

From Ivy League data centers to the server closets of rural K-12 district offices, virtualization remains one of the strongest technologies for achieving modern education objectives. It enables the systemic centralization and management necessary to lower capital costs while providing a unified experience for standardized student achievement. Without virtualized desktop environments (including on tablets), student workspaces become less portable and accessible, hardware obsolescence remains more prominent, and IT hardware management costs persist at high legacy levels.

Managed Flexibility

To achieve more funding, the government and public alike expect tangible performance results, not only in improving standardized test scores but also more personalized student experiences. Virtualization allows a higher level of data-driven learning to reach more students across more platforms, including their own devices.

How to score an “A” on your infrastructure

Reap the Rewards…

Virtualization enables the cohesive infrastructure needed to support diverse platforms throughout the campus or district, aggregating multiple data sources and enabling applications to convert raw data into actionable knowledge. Server virtualization allows for far simpler systems resiliency, improved systems security, and more affordable trialing of new applications before full deployment.

…But Keep Those Benefits Flowing

If students and instructors can’t properly run their applications because of back-end resource contention, or if IT can’t quickly troubleshoot issues arising from changing network conditions or new usage models, that merits a failing grade. Virtualization infrastructure management — a platform that can monitor all systems and end-points within the school’s IT reach with real-time precision — is the key to keeping those investments in efficiency and outcomes running smoothly and delivering maximum returns.

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