Caught in a tug of war between security and satisfaction?

Compliance constraints

The financial services sector that emerged from the wreckage of the real estate meltdown found itself with a host of challenges that have only continued to evolve and grow. From Sarbanes-Oxley to Dodd-Frank and many other regulations large and small, financial organizations must be more careful than ever to protect and manage data.

Sterling safety

Nearly one million new malware exploits arrive daily. Over 70% of Intel/McAfee respondents believe cybersecurity risks to their organization are climbing, and the rise of highly integrated, virtualized infrastructure only increases the potential risk of malware migration. Despite being one of the world’s top breach targets, though, financial organizations must find ways to make client data increasingly convenient and accessible.

Competition & Consolidation

Customers demand access to the latest online features, and if your organization doesn’t supply them, one that does is only a click away. Meanwhile, mergers and acquisitions continue throughout the finance community. All of this demands platforms that can adapt quickly while surviving the strains of transition and growth.

Virtualization is the answer, but solve the problem correctly

A virtualized infrastructure spans the chasms between IT silos. It unifies both legacy and cutting-edge systems across branch offices and simplifies everything from remote endpoint management to big data aggregation and analysis — as long as it remains actively maintained and optimized.

A robust, real-time management system for virtualized environments can identify infrastructure contention issues before they strike. With remedial diagnostics to help eliminate these bottlenecks, IT meets its objectives affordably, workers remain more productive, and end-users receive the quality experience they demand.

Financial Services & Insurance Clientele

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