Changes in healthcare are coming fast and furious. Are you ready?


IoT Explosion

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its billions of sensors promise to revolutionize the granularity and accuracy of patient conditions, enabling ever faster and more accurate assessments. However, the accompanying IoT application tsunami means countless IT demands arriving ahead of an infrastructure to support them.


ICD Implentation

Comprised of 140,000 codes for healthcare professionals to juggle, ICD-10 carries the promise of easier and more accurate diagnosis. Still, compliance can require quick access to information and ongoing training — access that can be impaired if network resources are overloaded. When improperly managed, some sources put the revenue impact of ICD-10 implementation at up to 70 percent.


EMR/EHR Wrangling

While electronic record systems carry the ultimate promise of superior patient care and higher provider efficiency, poor design from the application to the infrastructure can turn the EMR/EHR landscape into a minefield of frustrations for security liabilities. Fluid flow of records between offices and even patients’ mobile devices depend on IT resources operating at optimal levels.


Getting Real With Virtual

These and many other healthcare challenges, including the rising tide of demand for data analytics, are pushing industry IT deeper into virtualized infrastructure adoption. Virtualized server and desktop platforms can transform a health organization’s performance and effectiveness, but reaching that point requires eliminating network, storage, and compute bottlenecks throughout the data chain, particularly at the data center level. Application lag not only upsets the end-user experience, it may alter patient-doctor interactions and affect the patient’s health.

Leverage real-time infrastructure alerts and remediation advice

Infrastructure conditions change by the second. Spikes and contention can arise seemingly out of nowhere. Fortunately, proper virtualized environment monitoring tools can provide real-time notification of performance anomalies and intelligent remediation strategies. This will keep resource contention in check and applications running smoothly so that providers remain compliant and profitable while end-users receive the cutting-edge benefits they need.

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