Storm-tracker utility tackles performance storms

Even the best run cloud environments are hit by storms of all kinds: storage storms, CPU storms, memory storms, boot storms and many more, crippling applications and disrupting end-user experiences.

With Storm-tracker, you can immediately identify storms with second-by-second insights, proactively track the impact and know how to quickly remediate them.

Root cause discovery smashes MTTR

When alarm happens there is usually a storm. This is overwhelming for the IT administrator if they are not using Xangati. Because Xangati knows the dependencies of all the components of the IT infrastructure, our real-time analytics can show the administrator the root cause of the storm.

Identified Resource Contention

Analysis of Resource Contention

Generation of Remedial Recommendation

Implementation of Remedial Action

Gain peace in your infrastructure with performance problem triage

Xangati goes beyond performance monitoring to infrastructure optimization by identifying the root cause of the problem, analyzing and providing recommended remedial actions.

Automate and

Reports keep you informed on performance to empower efficiency

Targeted Capacity Planning

Optimize Resource Efficiency

Comprehensive Real-Time Monitoring

Cross-Silo Interactions in One Timeline

Live Dependency View

Executive Dashboard

Xangati service assurance lifecycle

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