IT services at the heart of security

Safety in Virtualization

Virtualized servers and desktops are recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a means to improving organizational security. Virtualization can also deliver a wealth of efficiency improvements ranging from more flexible, remote IT management to the consolidation of legacy systems with new platforms under a common monitoring interface.

Cooperation Overload

However, the benefits of virtualization come with a special set of concerns for public services. Agencies in particular tend to rely extensively on extending IT services and sharing data across branches and partner organizations. Unfortunately, this can lead to a minority of guest systems overtaxing hosts and other forms of network load imbalancing.

Other Bottlenecks

Public services can face plenty of other challenges to their IT infrastructure, including dependency on components still in early or even pre-release states, ongoing and escalating attacks by hostile entities, and management of non-critical systems for both redundancy and next-generation services.

Domino Effect

Any infrastructure bottleneck can constrain IT resources. However, simultaneous problems landing on more than one front can cripple services across the organization.

Achieving objectives via virtualization

Build IT Right

Virtualization applied across local, state, and federal networks can mitigate many IT risks while aiding systems development, improving security through virtualized end-point administration, and boosting collaboration between offices and organizations. Achieving this without fostering infrastructure weaknesses and contention points can be done, but it requires a robust management platform able to assess all network resources on a real-time basis.

Measure and Maintain

Virtualized infrastructure may prove to be your IT’s greatest asset. Make sure you have the management tools in place to observe infrastructure conditions in real-time and help them perform at peak flexibility, efficiency, and safety.

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