If you’ve evolved beyond a lemonade stand, you need virtualization

Competitive growth

Retail segment desktop virtualization alone is growing at more than 60% CAGR. Cloud-based POS solutions can lower TCO by up to 55%. Retailers cannot afford to ignore the efficiency advantages and economic benefits of virtualized infrastructure.

Applications everywhere

Look at branding opportunities across mobile and social media. Look at shaping customer experience with loyalty programs, contextual rewards, dynamically optimized pricing, and cross-promotion — all driven by real-time applications running on virtualized platforms.

Reshaping inventory management

Dusty stockpiles and empty shelves mean the same thing: poor management and disappearing dollars. Data virtualization can shed new, up-to-the-minute light on how goods flow from manufacturing to check stand so managers can make better decisions.

Fixing paralysis with analysis

Not sure how to improve operations or marketing? Put virtualized infrastructure to work by applying analytics to warranty, product failure, customer acquisition, and market intelligence. Turn unstructured data into profit-making action.

A thousand opportunities to improve

Launch faster
Virtualization allows new locations to open quicker and remediate startup issues in record time.
Slice away waste
Centralized virtualization enables massive drops in data replication while shortening development cycles.
Spread satisfaction
Use virtualized infrastructure to both standardize and localize the customer support experience, delivering better answers with zero delay.

Keep that virtualized backbone healthy and responsive

All of the benefits that virtualized infrastructure bring to retailers depend on uptime and responsiveness. Incompatibilities, traffic spikes, malicious attacks, seasonal irregularities — all of the semi-predictable and completely random factors that can cripple a network need to be monitored by the second. When issues begin to form, IT must be able to act immediately and with intelligent guidance. The right virtualized infrastructure health tools can provide this.

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