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Hybrid-cloud and virtualized infrastructure performance management

Xangati provides an IT Operations Analytics and performance control platform that delivers Application/Workload Service Assurance for SLA attainment at optimal capacity utilization in virtualized / private / hybrid-cloud IT environments.
Xangati comprises a service assurance analytics framework that enables you to see, resolve and prevent live storm contention issues across silos, leveraging predictive data intelligence that pinpoints with finely-grained precision root causes of current and future performance degradation while helping to optimize virtual applications, infrastructure asset efficiency and end-user quality of experience.

Infrastructure Service Assurance

Xangati correlates and analyzes application-level metrics from virtual servers, virtual desktops and virtual applications to provide deep, granular insights into the overall health of your IT infrastructure, whether that is on-premise, hybrid cloud or Docker container-based.

Real time at scale

Xangati’s in-memory architecture scales to meet the needs of the most demanding IT environments. Xangati cross-references interdependencies for thousands of metrics on a second-by-second basis; unsurpassed visibility and control of the infrastructure is met without the need to install and manage agents, proving out a best-in-class and time-to-value ROI.

Root cause analysis

Xangati adjusts thresholds dynamically based on powerful storm-contention algorithms and machine-learned heuristics, eliminating the need for tedious manual adjustments or administrator intervention. Xangati discovers the cause of alarm and resource degradation to cluster root causes in one automated, prescriptive remediation for rapid resolution of issues. On-demand reports show resource contention history, capacity utilization, efficiency and IT proactive measures required to mitigate issues.

End-to-end visibility

Xangati provides unsurpassed agentless, end-to-end, live and continuous visibility of the entire IT infrastructure with 300X granularity of competitor solutions, which are typically averaged-out, interval data from a retrospective point of view. When a threshold is crossed, or when manually initiated by a user, a recording of the values for all metrics over a set period of time can be saved, emailed and easily navigated in a DVR-like fashion.

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